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Unexpected, unforgettable art experiences!
I take my Art collaborations with other artists and businesses to show art in new ways, through expert eyes and in unexpected places…

Art collaborations are durable commitments created for mutual help. By collaborating with the artists, businesses will benefit and polish their corporate image, promote goodwill among customers and employees, so let’s work together.

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My collaborations

If you’re considering integrating art into your marketing campaign, artist collaboration with other artist and brands is simpler than you may think, and very effective.

Daniela Drescher

Children’s book author & illustrator. Fabric, ceramic & paper design.

Verlag Urachhaus

Der Urachhaus-Verlag wurde am 23. Januar 1925 unter dem Namen Verlag der Christengemeinschaft gegründet. Erfahren Sie mehr über sie auf ihrer Website.